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 UNSC Galactic Empire Ranking System

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PostSubject: UNSC Galactic Empire Ranking System   UNSC Galactic Empire Ranking System Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 4:54 am

Here at the UNSCGE we have a simple ranking system for most members and a more complex ranking system for Officers.
Our System is divided into two categories: Non-Commisioned Officers [NCOs] and Officer positions. In the UNSCGE anyone can become an Officer and anyone can remain an NCO. Let us explain; NCO ranks are based upon two things, total population and activity level. Upon joining us an NCO rank is given based on population, as you progress through your membership with us your ranking is increased as your population grows, or reduced if you as your activity level varies. NCO ranks mean little, they are merly a title stating your prestige.

Then we move on to Officer ranks where things become more complex. Anyone may become and Officer and there is no set limit to the number of Officers we may have at any one time, as all players you start off as an NCO. Throughout your career you gain "points", these points are rewarded due to participation in Operations, military or otherwise. After you collect a total of 5 points you leave the NCO ranks and join the Officer Corps regardless of your NCO rank at the time. (Please note that any NCO may turn down promotion.) In a way this is like starting all over again and you recieve the rank of Ensign, however do not be discouraged, an Ensign is higher ranked than the highest level of NCO.
Even now you do not shake the point system, this will follow you throughout your entire career, as an Ensign you will recieve limited responsibilities in Operations, you may be an assistant or a basic Logistic Officer for the duration of the Operation. As you recieve more points however your Officer rank is raised, unlike NCOs though, points are the only way to increas an Officer rank. Population has no say in the matter.
Soon you begin to become Frontline Commanders and Leaders of Operations, you will begin to be allowed to administrate your own Operations as by now you are a trusted and competant Officer.
Our system is set up so an inactive/uncontributive player with an extremly high population may have a lower rank than an extremly active/contributive player with a low population.

Below is our NCO and Officer Corps rank listings.
NCO Ranks:
Chief Warrant Officer (7000+)
Warrant Officer (5000-7000)
Petty Officer 1st Class (3500-5000)
Petty Officer 2nd Class (3000-3500)
Petty Officer 3rd Class (2500-3000)
Recruit (1500-2500)
Recruit, Apprentice (1000-1500)
Recruit, Enlisted (0-1000)

Officer Ranks:
Fleet Admiral*
Vice Admiral*
Rear Admiral (25 points)
Captain (20 points)
Commander (16 points)
Lieutenant Commander (13 points)
Lieutenant (10 points)
Lieutenant, Junior Grade (8 points)
Ensign (5 points)

(*-Special Rank, these ranks are one of a kind, only one member may occupy it at any one time)

(Note: All ranks are copied from the United States Naval ranking system with the exception of the "Recruit" classes, in which case "Recruit" would be substituted for "Seaman" and the combination of Warrant and Enlisted ranks. Please note that further Warrant and Petty Officer ranks exist in the US Navy, however due to limited space these have been deleted for our purposes.)

Recently we have created the Officer Corps which in itself is an entirely different ranking system. Within this Officer Corps exists Divisions, these consist of:

-Foriegn Relations
-Internal Affairs
-Ministry of Defense
-Offensive Operations
-Star Cartography
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UNSC Galactic Empire Ranking System
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