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 League Applications

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PostSubject: League Applications   League Applications Icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2009 6:56 am

League Applications Applic12

For benifits, requirements and general info on joining the U.N.S.C. Galactic Empire please refer to our Imperial State Info at: http://unsc-galacticempire.forumotion.com/galactic-empire-public-info-f1/the-imperial-charter-t2.htm

How To Apply:
Applying to the Empire is easy, just copy and paste this questionare to your post and answer the questions.

League Name:
Number of Members:
Current Statistics Ranking:
Species Demographics(i.e. Mainly Terran, Evenly distributed, etc.):
Primary League Location(G1, G2, G3):
Are you a Space Project Veteran League?(Yes or No):
Anything you can tell us about your league?(its motto, play style, etc.):

After you have applied we here at the UNSCGE will review your application and contact you via Imperion.
Thanks for applying. Very Happy

Your Imperial Co-Leader & Founder,

-If you wish to directly converse or have any questions about the Empire just contact Humanwarrior via Imperion.

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League Applications
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