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 Imperial Charter

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PostSubject: Imperial Charter   Imperial Charter Icon_minitimeTue Feb 23, 2010 10:05 am

United Nations Space Command Galactice Empire

We are the UNSC Galactic Empire, an Imperialistic league forged out of unity and blood. We exist for the sole purpose of expanding our Empire and providing an active and interesting community in which our members reside in.

We were formed in the early days of Space Project as the United Nations Space Command (U.N.S.C.) and carried over into Imperion. Since our rebirth as the UNSCGE approximately 3 months since Imperion began, we have become a leading power in Imperion, shifting between the top 20 ranks as our Empire continues to expand.


What do you have to benifit from joining the UNSC Galactic Empire and what do we expect of you in return?

Well, we are neither entirely peaceful nor warmongerers. We war on occasion, either when it suits us, we're bored or we are forced to. We are well administrated, and each joining member will recieve a Sector. This is basically an assigned team based on geographical location. We also maintain an ever-active forum containing a catchy HoloNews Section where league events are posted in an interesting "newpaper".
Our main forum is a place to socialize and communicate with fellow members, and in times of war it is used as a mission planner.
Forum activity is highly encouraged, and total forum absence is prohibited...although with a forum like ours, you would hardly want to be inactive.

What you have to benifit from us is as following:

-Military support in conflicts.
-Resource assistance in times of need.
-A highly active and friendly community to interact with.
-The capability to succeed and advance in the UNSCGE. We notice activeness and intelligence. Those traits are rewarded with Officer and leadership positions.

What we expect from you in return/requirements to join:

-A population of at least 17,000 (some exceptions MAY be made).
-A bare minimum fleet of NO LESS than 500 Destroyers or 750 Battleships / 500 Delphi or 500 Terminators / 800 Mylons.
-Activeness and contribution to the league. Extended absence with no prior warning/sitter assignment will result in booting.
-Being free of a farmer. We DO NOT take in farms or refugees. If you are being attacked and somehow slip into the league, you will be required to singlehandedly relinquish your farmer within a certain period of time. However, if you come under attack after joining you will recieve assistance.
-Willingness to participate in conflicts if the need arises. We DO NOT want simmers. Those of you who prefer to be peaceful shall be allowed to remain so, IF you adhere to our fleet requirements. However you may be required to assist in conflicts during emergencies.
-Respect to fellow members and Officers.


We are also the first league to put into effect a revolutionary way of recruiting. The UNSC Galactic Empire is currently accepting Imperial States. Imperial States are neither wings nor allies, but rather somewhat in between. An Imperial State is essentially a seperate league with its own identity that joins the UNSCGE and takes in appearence the role of a wing league. However there are vast differences between wing and State. Notible differences are that the leader of the joining State retains command of his league. They are enouraged to keep their identity, however it is customary for Imperial States to rename into something UNSCGE orientated.
To join the UNSC Galactic Empire you must be an active league with reletively strong military capabilities. We do not take farms or simmers.
Your league must also be above rank 45, or if you have a player average of 14,000+ and over 5 members you may join with your rank disregarded.

Full details may be requested. Please send any questions or interests to Humanwarrior.


To "Player Applications":http://unsc-galacticempire.forumotion.com/league-player-applications-f3/player-applications-t4.htm

Commander in Chief
UNSC Galactic Empire
"Bravery is not the absence of fear, but rather the mastery of fear"
Imperial Charter UNSC_Empire
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Imperial Charter
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